Hospital Negligence Compensation Claims

Every patient who visits a medical facility is legally entitled to certain standards of care, but hospital negligence is a regular occurrence. And for those who are on the receiving end, the outcome can be extremely serious. Unfortunately, hospital negligence can even lead to fatalities.

Hospital negligence is a term that covers a variety of issues, such as a lack of correctly trained staff, unsanitary washing and dining facilities, under-qualified medical practitioners and incorrect diagnosis of conditions. Sadly, when hospital negligence does occur, the outcome will affect patients and their loved ones, too.

Why Hospital Negligence Should not be Tolerated

Anybody who has been a victim of hospital negligence should contact Pattinson & Brewer. Our specialist solicitors have expert knowledge in this area, and have a wide experience of handling hospital negligence cases. Because of our vast experience, we have a firm understanding of the future needs of patients who have suffered any form of hospital negligence.

In the more serious non-fatal cases of hospital negligence, recovery is not possible. Therefore, a compensation award will need to reflect not only the incident itself and the immediate treatment, but also long-term care arrangements. At Pattinson & Brewer, we will pursue the largest possible claim for hospital negligence, so call us today for a no-obligation discussion.

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