GP Negligence Compensation Claims

All over the UK, patients place a certain level of trust in their local doctor, but it’s a sad fact that GP negligence occurs on a regular basis, and the fallout from their errors can be extremely serious. Nobody should have to expect serious mistakes from their doctor, but GP negligence in the UK is a reality.

There are various types of GP negligence that can occur, but perhaps the most serious would be an incorrect diagnosis of a condition. A patient may visit a local doctor with a stomach complaint, for example, and be diagnosed with food poisoning, only to discover later that he or she was actually suffering from appendicitis. Worse still is failure to diagnose and when early treatment is missed as a result, the consequences can be very serious. This type of GP negligence can be extremely dangerous.

Don’t Just Tolerate Cases of GP Negligence

At Pattinson & Brewer, our specialist lawyers have been handling GP negligence cases for many years. We combine a wide knowledge of the law with a sound understanding of the repercussions that GP negligence can cause. We always seek the highest possible compensation awards in GP negligence claims.

In many GP negligence cases, the patient and his or her family face a lifetime of specialist help, including after-care, reconstructive surgery, recuperative facilities and adapted living arrangements. At Pattinson & Brewer, our experts can help those who have suffered from GP negligence to gain the financial help they will so desperately need.

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