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Contact a Spinal Injury Compensation Expert Today

Unfortunately, anyone who suffers from a spinal injury runs the risk of never being able to walk again. Despite the advances in medical technology in recent years, the repercussions of a spinal injury remain serious.

A spinal injury can occur just about anywhere, such as behind the wheel of a vehicle, on a sports field or while riding a horse. Wherever the accident occurred, the sufferer may well have a strong claim for a spinal injury compensation award.

Coping with life after a serious spinal injury

Pattinson & Brewer’s experts have been handling spinal injury cases for many years. Our specialist spinal injury solicitors are always mindful of the fact that victims will not only need financial help throughout their treatment, which can be extremely lengthy, but also with the provision of spinal injury after-care.

Spinal injury compensation awards need to take into account the fact that victims will often need specialist accommodation, whether by adapting their current homes or by moving to another residence. Hand-rails, ramps and specially adapted appliances in lounges, kitchens and bathrooms, for example, are vital for those who have to cope with life after a spinal injury.

f you or a family member is the victim of a spinal injury, contact our specialists today and see how Pattinson & Brewer can help to make a difference.