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Are You a Victim of Medical & Clinical Negligence? Claim Compensation Today

Over the years, there have been many cases of medical & clinical negligence. From relatively minor incidents to major ones which have led to the unfortunate death of a patient, medical & clinical negligence is a regular occurrence in hospitals and medical centres all over the country.

Examples of medical & clinical negligence include unhygienic conditions in an operating theatre, incorrect administration of anaesthetics, wrong diagnosis of a condition and inaccurate calculations regarding the administered dosage of medicines. Medical & clinical negligence cases are brought generally either as a result of human error or mistakes made by the relevant health authority.

Making a Compensation Claim for Medical & Clinical Negligence

Pattinson & Brewer are highly skilled in making medical & clinical negligence compensation claims, and work on behalf of patients who have suffered a variety of illnesses, injuries and conditions as a result of medical & clinical negligence. We liaise with a range of professionals in the medical sector to ascertain a full picture of the victim’s case.

Our specialist lawyers will then make a claim for compensation for the medical & clinical negligence through the relevant channels. We are fully aware throughout the proceedings that a significant award is required to help with the recovery from every case of medical & clinical negligence.