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£8,000 Payout for Dental Negligence

A woman who endured serious pain after her dentist failed to spot that she had an abscess has won £8,000 in compensation.

Shelley Farrell, 49, was experiencing severe toothache and went to her dentist believing that she had an abscess. However, the dentist could find nothing wrong and sent her home without treatment.

Five days later, Ms Farrell’s face had become seriously swollen and she returned to the surgery. Once again, the dentist saw no need for any action.

About four weeks later, Ms Farrell’s persistence paid off and she finally received treatment for the abscess. Unfortunately, it had by this time grown larger and had to be lanced.

Ms Farrell continued to experience pain even after the procedure and her dentist told her that the tooth would have to be removed. She claims that when he attempted the extraction, he shattered the bone structure around the tooth.

In all, Ms Farrell suffered three years of pain. She brought a personal injury claim against the dentist and won £8,000 in an out-of-court settlement. She plans to use the money to pay for a dental implant to fill the gap in her smile where the tooth was removed.

The dentist, who was self-employed, has ceased practising owing to ill health.

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