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£2.8 Million Payout for Brain Damaged Girl

A girl who suffered serious brain damage after a tragic mistake in her medical treatment has been awarded millions of pounds in compensation.

Maisha Najeeb, 13, suffers from a rare medical condition which requires her to have regular injections to prevent bleeding in her brain because abnormal and poorly formed arteries and veins become tangled.

The treatment involves using two syringes, one containing a harmless dye, which is injected into the brain to allow doctors to monitor blood-flow, and another that is filled with a glue that blocks off bleeding blood vessels.

During her treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in June 2010, the two syringes got mixed up as there was no agreed procedure to identify which was which. This meant that the glue was injected into Maisha’s brain, causing a traumatic injury.

As a result, Maisha has lost almost all her bodily and cognitive abilities.

When a personal injury claim was brought against Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, it admitted liability and apologised unreservedly for the shortcomings in the standard of care provided.

Maisha has been awarded a lump sum of £2.8 million, plus periodical payments of £383,000 a year until she is 19, thereafter increasing to £423,000 a year for the rest of her life. The money will enable her family to provide suitable accommodation and meet her daily care needs.

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