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Total Knee Replacement, oversized prosthesis


The Facts

The client was a 73 year old woman who was advised to have a total knee replacement. After her surgery, she was in a great deal of pain but she was reassured and sent home with painkillers..

The pain was excruciating and did not improve.

She saw her GP a few weeks later and he sent her back to the hospital for a second opinion. After tests she was told that her knee had been ‘overstuffed’ and the prosthesis used for her knee replacement surgery was oversized and too large for her knee.

She agreed to undergo revision surgery to replace the prosthesis in her knee and afterwards her mobility and pain were much improved.


  • The total knee replacement operation was negligent because the prosthesis used was much too big and the knee was overstuffed as a result.
  • The after care was negligent in that the mistake was not recognised straight away after the surgery and put right.


The defendants denied liability for the injuries. Court proceedings were issued and served and a trial date was listed. Shortly before trial the defendants put forward an offer and terms of settlement were agreed. The client received damages of £30,000.