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Temporal Arteritis, missed diagnosis


The Facts

The client was an 83 year old lady who had been diagnosed with cataracts. She was on a waiting list to have the cataracts extracted.

She started to suffer from persistent and excruciating headache and she also had difficulty eating because it was too painful to chew her food.

She attended her local A & E department complaining of constant severe headache and pain when chewing her food. She was reassured and sent home with painkillers.

A while later her eyesight deteriorated and she could barely see at all. When she saw the consultant he diagnosed that she had temporal arteritis and that if this had been diagnosed earlier, then some of her sight could have been saved.


  • Failure to diagnose temporal arteritis despite complaining of persistent and ongoing symptoms
  • Failure to administer steroids which could have saved her sight.


The claim was made and the defendants denied liability for the injuries. Court proceedings were issued and served and the case was listed for trial.

Shortly before the trial date the defendants proposed a meeting should take place and terms of settlement were then agreed. The defendants never admitted liability for the injury. The client received damages of £100,000.