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Swab Retained Inside Patient

Defendants: Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Facts

The Claimant was admitted to hospital to give birth to her first child.  Complications arose during delivery.  She required an episiotomy and sustained a third degree tear.  There was an extensive delay before she was transferred to theatre for repair of the episiotomy.

Following discharge from hospital, the Claimant felt unwell and experienced pain and discomfort. She brought this to the attention of various people, but this was dismissed as post delivery pain. She continued to experience pain and over a month after giving birth, she felt something inside her. She attended hospital and on further examination, it was noticed that a swab had been left inside of her. Following removal of the swab, she was prescribed antibiotics and monitored for infection.


  • Failure to take reasonable care and attention when conducting the episiotomy
  • Failure to properly conduct a swab count to ensure no swabs had been retained


Liability was admitted at an early stage. The client received an apology and the case settled for £9,000.