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Forceps delivery scarring to baby



The Facts

The client was a child born in October 2005. In the course of his birth, delivery was attempted by firstly a ventouse cap and then forceps. He was left with lacerations on his face and head as a result of the forceps delivery. He developed permanent scarring on his temple and scalp and this was obvious at a conversational distance.


  • The forceps were applied inappropriately as a result of which the baby has permanent scarring on his temple and scalp.
  • Failure to deliver using reasonable care to prevent injury and laceration.


A claim was made and the defendants admitted liability soon after. Expert evidence was obtained from a plastic surgeon. Unfortunately there was no plastic surgery that could be recommended to improve the appearance of the scarring. An initial offer of £3,000 was rejected. Terms of settlement were eventually agreed in the sum of £11,500 damages plus costs. As the case involved a child, the terms of the settlement needed approval by the court.