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NHS Medical Clinical Negligence

Bilateral below Knee amputation, failure to diagnose and remove blood clots in the legs.

Defendants: The NHS Trust

The Facts A 52 year old man developed severe pain in both legs which became unbearable. He was examined by his GP who could not find a pulse in either of his legs and he was sent to hospital as an emergency. He was admitted and tests were carried out which...

Damage to spinal accessory nerve during biopsy of lymph node

Defendants – Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich

The Facts Client was referred to the hospital by her GP for an opinion on an enlarged lymph node on her neck. She was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a biopsy, and a consent form was signed. Soon after the biopsy, the client noticed that her right arm was painful and swollen. Her GP provided painkillers...

Damaged left ureter during ileal pouch surger loss of a kidney


The Facts - The client was a 40 year old man who had ulcerative colitis. He needed an ileal pouch formed after a colectomy. Unfortunately during surgery he suffered irreversible damage to the sympathetic nerves required for sexual intercourse and also his left ureter was transected.

Damaged left ureter during ileal pouch surgery loss of a kidney

£390,000 Defendants - Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust The Facts The client was a 40 year old man who had ulcerative colitis. He needed an ileal pouch formed after a colectomy. Unfortunately during surgery at Glenfield Hospital he suffered irreversible...

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - leading to Pulmonary Embolus (PE) and death


The Facts The claimant, a woman of 53 years old, was in a long stay hospital when she developed a hot swollen leg. The doctors looking after her did not examine her properly and as a result failed to realise that she had a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in her leg.

Dislocated shoulder - failure to diagnose

Defendant: Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust

The client was a 35 year old man who suffered sudden pain in his shoulder after a fall out of bed one night. He was taken to the Accident and Emergency dept of his local hospital. He was sent home after having an X-ray...

Failure to carry out shoulder replacement correctly

Defendant: Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

The Facts The claimant, a 50 year old woman, had successfully undergone a right shoulder replacement in 2003. She regained full pain free movement. A few years later, her left shoulder started causing her problems and she returned to the same surgeon who...

Failure to diagnose hyponatraemia (low sodium levels in the blood) leading to a fall and fractures


The Facts Mary, a 45 year old woman was admitted to hospital because of vomiting. She was put on a drip and bedrest. After her admission, she became disorientated and began suffering from hallucinations. 5 days after her admission, she fell and banged her...

Failure to diagnose scaphoid fracture

£2,500 The Facts Our client fell awkwardly on her hand when playing sports. She attended her GP who referred her to hospital for x-rays to be undertaken to rule out an injury to the scaphoid bone. X-rays were taken; she was diagnosed with a sprain...

Failure to take appropriate care during anaesthetic process

£3,000 The Facts Our client underwent a routine surgical procedure under general anaesthetic, during which time he was sedated. The procedure went well and he was discharged from hospital a few days later. Following surgery, one of his teeth snapped...

Hernia Repair, bowel damage


The Facts The client was admitted to hospital for a hernia repair, which started as a laparoscopic or keyhole procedure, but was converted to an open procedure because of difficulties during surgery. She was supposed to be monitored for the next 2-3 days...

Infection of gastric band inadequate sterilisation technique by doctor


Our client attended hospital to have his newly fitted gastric band inflated – i.e. filled by injection of saline solution. Our client stated that his treating doctor did not wash her hands prior to administering the injection, did not wear sterile gloves and did not clean his skin before puncturing it.

Laparoscopic sterilisation

Defendants: East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

The Facts A 30 year old lady underwent an elective laparoscopic or keyhole sterilisation. The operation had to be converted to an open procedure due to complications during the procedure. 2 days following the sterilisation surgery, her condition began to...

Missed Scaphoid Fracture


Facts A 12 year old girl fell and injured her right, dominant, wrist. After a couple of days, it was very painful and had begun to swell. She attended A & E at the hospital and an x-ray was carried out. She was told it was just a sprain and was given...

Missed diagnosis of a fracture in both elbows

Background: This claim involved a case against the Claimant’s employer and against the hospital that dealt with his follow up care...

Nerve Damage following ulnar nerve transposition procedure


The Facts A young man injured his left arm whilst playing rugby. He then noticed his elbow was becoming sensitive to knocks. He was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon who advised that he needed a to undergo an ulnar nerve transposition operation. He was not...

Neurological damage arising from surgery


The Facts The Claimant, a man of 60 years old, had surgery to remove a neuroma on his greater auricular nerve. Following surgery, the lump returned and it was suggested that he undergo re-exploration. He therefore underwent a further surgical exploration...

Ototoxicity: damage to the ears from gentamycin

Defendants: Whipps Cross University Hospitals NHS Trust

The Facts An 81 year old man was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with heart block. He was given a pacemaker. Approximately 4 months after this, he began to suffer from flu like symptoms. He attended hospital and was diagnosed with infective...

Poor standard of perineal repair

Defendant: Basildon & Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (Basildon Hospital)

The claimant was pregnant with her first child. Following delivery, it was noticed that she had sustained a second degree tear...

Ruptured spleen, failure to diagnose


The Facts The client was a 65 year old man who had a blow to his abdomen and suffered severe pain as a result. So he went to the casualty department of his local hospital. He was examined and sent home despite his severe ongoing pain. He attended a second...

Scaphoid fracture - failure to diagnose

Defendants: West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

The Facts The claimant, a man of 23 years old, had an injury playing football. He fell and hurt his wrist and went to hospital. X-rays were taken but a fracture to the scaphoid bone was missed on the films and he was sent home without treatment.

Spinal Cord Injury - failure to diagnose


The Facts The Claimant, a man of 45 years old who had drunk some alcohol, was involved in a road traffic accident when he was hit by a bus and injured. He was taken to hospital and the casualty doctors failed to recognise that he had suffered a spinal injury.

Spinal Cord Injury - failure to diagnose TB


The Facts The claimant, a woman of 83 years old, was admitted to hospital suffering from back pain. Whilst she was on the ward she started to suffer sudden excruciating back pain and neurological symptoms. It was a weekend and it was not until 4 days later that she was properly examined and a diagnosis of TB in the spine was made.

Swab Retained Inside Patient

Defendants: Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Claimant was admitted to hospital to give birth to her first child. Complications arose during delivery....

Temporal Arteritis, missed diagnosis


The Facts The client was an 83 year old lady who had been diagnosed with cataracts. She was on a waiting list to have the cataracts extracted. She started to suffer from persistent and excruciating headache and she also had difficulty eating because it was..