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Loss of testicle in boy of 14

Defendant: GP

The Facts

A 14 year old boy woke up with excruciating lower abdominal pain. His parents took the right action and immediately took their son to their General Practitioner. The GP failed to undertake a basic examination and diagnosed him with suspected Chlamydia. Antibiotics were prescribed.

Had a basic examination been undertaken, the GP would have noticed that 
his left testicle was swollen.

Over the next two weeks his testicle shrivelled up. Two weeks later he was seen by a different GP who immediately diagnosed that he had suffered a torsion of his testicle. Unfortunately the window of opportunity had passed and it was now to late for his testicle to be saved.

He was referred immediately to hospital where the now necrotic testicle was removed.


  • There was a failure by the GP to undertake a basic examination;
  • There was a failure by the GP to take a medical history or consider the boy’s age before making a diagnosis.


Liability was never admitted. Supportive evidence from an independent GP was obtained confirming that the standard of care was poor. Despite no admissions on liability, following successful negotiations, the GP’s insurers agreed to an out court settlement in the sum of £15,000.