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Infection of gastric band inadequate sterilisation technique by doctor


The Facts

Our client attended hospital to have his newly fitted gastric band “inflated” – i.e. filled by injection of saline solution. Our client stated that his treating doctor did not wash her hands prior to administering the injection, did not wear sterile gloves and did not clean his skin before puncturing it.

Following this procedure our client developed an infection in the region of the ‘access port’ to the gastric band.

This infection persisted to the extent that he needed 3 further surgical procedures under general anaesthetic (removal of port, removal of the first band and insertion of a new band) before he had an infection-free gastric band in place.


  • The treating doctor failed to follow adequate sterilisation technique before and during the gastric band inflation procedure.
  • Because of this failure, our client developed a persisting infection.
  • Our client had to undergo further surgical procedures that would have been unnecessary if the original doctor had used appropriate aseptic techniques.


A claim was made and eventually admissions were made in relation to the infection. Terms of settlement were agreed with the defendant. Our client received £10,000 by way of compensation.