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Failure to diagnose hyponatraemia (low sodium levels in the blood) leading to a fall and fractures


The Facts

Mary, a 45 year old woman was admitted to hospital because of vomiting. She was put on a drip and bedrest.

After her admission, she became disorientated and began suffering from hallucinations. 5 days after her admission, she fell and banged her head. 6 days after her admission, she fell again and fractured her hip and elbow.

She was diagnosed with hyponatraemia or low sodium levels in the blood. This meant she became confused and disorientated and fell suffering injuries.

She underwent surgery and her hip was pinned and a wire was inserted in her elbow.


  • The client was not diagnosed with low sodium levels until after two falls. The second fall caused a fractured hip and elbow.


The claim was made and the defendants denied liability for the injury. Court proceedings were issued and served and a trial date was listed. An offer was made before trial and the case was settled out of court for £25,000 damages.