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Hernia Repair, bowel damage

Hernia Repair, bowel damage

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The Facts

The client was admitted to hospital for a hernia repair, which started as a laparoscopic or keyhole procedure, but was converted to an open procedure because of difficulties during surgery. She was supposed to be monitored for the next 2-3 days but was discharged within 24 hours.

After her discharge, her condition deteriorated and a home visit was made by her GP. The following day, the GP was contacted again and a different GP came to see her and prescribed antibiotics. She continued to deteriorate and was in extreme pain. Later the same day, an ambulance was called and she was taken to A & E and was immediately admitted to hospital and taken for emergency surgery.

During surgery, it was seen that there was a hole in her bowel caused during her hernia operation. The surgeon had not noted this and so she had developed peritonitis as a result. She had to have the damaged bowel repaired. She had to be taken to intensive care after the emergency operation.


  • Failure to detect the injury to the bowel during the initial operation
  • Failure to adequately monitor the patient following the operation and diagnose the damaged bowel.
  • Discharging the patient too early so the diagnosis of bowel damage was not made.


The case settled for £15,000 plus legal costs.

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