Acquired Brain Injury - Contact the Specialists

At Pattinson & Brewer, we have been handling acquired brain injury cases for many years. We liaise with accredited medical experts to ascertain the seriousness of the acquired brain injury before mounting a professionally constructed case against those responsible. Our experts recognise that complications can lead to major repercussions for the victim and their family.

Acquired brain injury cases vary in seriousness, of course, ranging from relatively mild incidences to debilitating cases which affect every bodily function. The level of the acquired brain injury will be a major factor in the size of any award.

The Finest Acquired Brain Injury Advice and Guidance

While those close to the sufferer will be primarily concerned about the medical issues relating to the acquired brain injury, our specialists will know that other areas are equally important. These include the provision of after-care, rehabilitation, nursing assistance and financial help for the acquired brain injury victim.

If you feel you have a claim, whether it’s against an individual, a company or an authority, give Pattinson & Brewer a call right away. Acquired brain injury settlements are made to reflect not only the difficulty of coping with the condition, but also the uncertainties that the future holds.

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