Legs and Knees

Compensation for leg injuries relate to the degree of loss of use and vary greatly as follows.


The value of this award depends on whether both legs are lost totally (£154,000 - £180,000), or whether both legs are lost below the knee (£128,000 - £172,500). If one leg is lost, the award varies depending on whether amputation occurs above the knee (£61,500 - £90,000) or below the knee (£58,500 - £83,500).

Severe Leg Injuries:

These types of injuries vary from "Most Serious" (£61,500- £86,500) which means that although the leg was not amputated, the loss of use is almost as bad as if it had been, to "Moderate" (£17,750 - £25,000).

Less Serious Leg Injuries:

These can vary from "Fractures from which an incomplete recovery is made" (£11,500 - £16,) down to "simple fractures" (up to £5,350).

Knee Injuries:

Awards for knee injuries range from "Severe" (£17,000 - £61,500) which means significant disruption of the joint, to "Moderate" (up to £8,750) which could involve torn cartilage or twisting of the knee.

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